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Exit Survey
Themes in Appraisal of a Job Applicant:  Phase II
Principal Investigator:   Frank P. Adams, MA
Address:  303 Union St, Norwood, MA 02062
Phone:  (617) 817-9003 v, ( 774) 670-5844 vp
Email:   Frank.Adams@gallaudet.edu
Faculty Sponsor:  Carolyn Corbett, Ph.D.
Department:  Psychology

I am a doctoral student at Gallaudet University.  I am conducting research on employer and employee qualities that influence hiring decisions.  I would like you to consider participating in this study.  It is hoped that this study can be used to inform the literature regarding institutional hiring procedures. 

This study:
  1.  You will be asked to review some sample job application materials on this website.  You will then be asked questions to indicate your assessment of the job candidate.  You will then be asked some basic demographic information about yourself.  You will not be asked any information that can identify you as an individual.  
  2. It is anticipated that your participation will take approximately 30 minutes.
  3. You will not be compensated for your participation. 

         All written materials are provided in written English.

         There is no more than minimal risk to individuals who participate in this research study.

         Your participation in this study will create a valuable contribution to the literature by extending the work of previous researchers.

          None of the questions on this survey will allow you to be personally identified as an individual.  Data will be reported in aggregate.  As with most websites, some data is collected to allow for the basic functioning of the site.  However, this session data are never connected to the responses you provide in the survey.  The privacy policy of the website used to collect data is available here:  http://www.questionpro.com/help/1.html

Voluntary Participation:
           Your participation in this study is voluntary.  If you decide not to participate in the study, your relationship with Gallaudet University will not change in any way.  You may withdraw from the study at any time before or during data collection, for any reason and without penalty. 

           You will not be given survey results upon completion of this survey.  However, summarized results will be available at http://www.frankpadams.com/disseratation  upon successful approval of the dissertation.

Contacting the Researcher or the IRB:
          You may contact the researcher, Frank Adams, if you have any questions about any risk to you because of participation in this study.  Use the phone number or e-mail account at the top of the consent form.  You may also contact the Chairperson of the Gallaudet University Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB) at irb@gallaudet.edu

Intent to Participate:
          If you agree to participate after reading this far, then read the following and check the "I agree to continue” box and click the "next" button below.    By clicking “I agree to continue”, you indicate that you have read the Informed Consent form and agree to participate in the study conducted by Frank Adams.   You indicate that you understand that you can withdraw from this study at any time without penalty or prejudice.  You indicate that you will not receive payment or reimbursement for your participation.